How to connect a smartwatch to an iPad

How to connect a smartwatch to an iPad? Tutorial

Can Smartwatch connect to an iPad?

Out of several smartwatch brands that exist on the market, some of them can be paired with an iPad and some of them are not compatible with an iPad.

We will see further in this article regarding which smartwatch is compatible with iPad and which is not.

Can Apple Watch Connect to the iPad?

No, Apple Watch cannot connect to an iPad. This is unexpected as the iPad and Apple Watch belongs to the same manufacturer.

But, the reason for Apple Watch not connecting with the iPad is rather reasonable. Since Apple Watch App is needed to connect Apple Watch to another device, there is no Apple Watch App for IPad.

So, Apple Watch can only be used with an iPhone to pair and monitor your activities. Moreover, it is logical to think that Apple Watch is made for an iPhone as iPhone can be carried in your pocket to facilitate uninterrupted connectivity.

Can WearOS Smartwatches connect to the iPad?

Yes, you can definitely connect WearOS Smartwatches to your iPad. WearOS is used by brands like TicWatch, Fossil, Misfit, etc in their smartwatches.

Here are the exact steps to connect your WearOS smartwatch to your iPad – 

  • Go to Apple App Store and download the WearOS app on your iPad
  • Once the WearOS app is installed, launch the app and tap on the “Start Setup” option
  • Now, follow the instructions on the screen of your WearOS Smartwatch to pair it to your iPad.
  • Next, follow the instructions on your iPad to complete the setup process.
  • Once the setup is complete, you will see a code on both the screen viz. Your WearOS smartwatch and your iPad.
  • If the codes are the same, confirm it and the setup will be completed.

Can Fitbit Smartwatch connect to the iPad?

Yes, Fitbit smartwatches can be connected to your iPad via the Fitbit app which is readily available for iPad on the Apple App Store.

Here are the steps to connect your Fitbit smartwatch to your iPad –

  • First, Download and install the Fitbit App on your iPad from the Apple App Store
  • Once the app is installed on your iPad launch the app
  • Find and tap on the “account” button in the top right corner of the screen
  • Next, tap on the “Set up a Device” option
  • Now, you need to select your Fitbit device. You will be presented with a list of all available devices to choose from
  • After that, you will have to plug your Fitbit into a charger and tap on the “Next” option
  • Your iPad will now search for your Fitbit smartwatch
  • Once your Fitbit is detected, a code will appear on your smartwatch.
  • Enter the code on your iPad and tap “Next”
  • Now, follow the instructions to complete the setup process.

Can Garmin Smartwatch Connect to the iPad?

Yes, Garmin Smartwatch can be connected to your iPad. The Garmin Connect App can be used to do so.

Here are the instructions to connect your Garmin Smartwatch to your iPad –

  1. Find the Garmin Connect App on the Apple App Store and install it on your iPad
  2. Now, launch the Garmin Connect app.
  3. Make sure that the WiFi or Bluetooth is enabled on your iPad
  4. On the Garmin Connect app, you will need to select the model of the Garmin smartwatch that you own
  5. Now, tap on the “three white bars” to begin with the setup process.
  6. Once the pairing is completed, you will see your Garmin Smartwatch listed on the Garmin Connect app.
  7. Now, you can track your activities and health metrics on your iPad using Garmin Smartwatch.

Can Samsung Smartwatches connect to the iPad?

No, Samsung Smartwatches cannot be paired with iPad. But, you can always use it with iPhone as there is a companion app available for iPhone.

The Samsung smartwatch app is not available for iPad and thus you simply cannot connect these two devices.

Which Smartwatches are Compatible with the iPad?

Now that it is quite clear that smartwatches from Apple and Samsung do not pair with iPad in order to work. But, other popular smartwatch brands like Fitbit, Garmin, and WearOS Smartwatches are compatible with iPad as there is a companion app available for iPad.

Here are some of the best smartwatches that are compatible with iPad –

Garmin Fenix 6 (including Pro and Sapphire Editions)

  • Price starts at $649.99
  • Wrist-based heart rate and Pulse Oximeter
  • 14-days of battery life
  • Preloaded maps and pace guidance
  • Music-enabled from streaming services

Garmin Forerunner 945

  • Starts at $499.99
  • 14 days of battery life without GPS
  • 10 hours of battery life with GPS and music enabled
  • Garmin-pay enabled
  • Full-color onboard map for navigation
  • Safety tracking feature

Fitbit Sense and Sense 2

  • Starts at $299.95
  • 6 Days battery-life
  • Built-in GPS and ECG
  • Stress management
  • Guided breathing, meditation, and exercises
  • Sleep progress, pattern, and score feature
  • Heart rate and SpO2 Monitor

Fitbit Versa 4

  • Starts at $229.95
  • 40+ exercise modes
  • Heart-rate tracking
  • Daily Readiness and cardio fitness
  • Swimproof
  • Built-in GPS

Fossil Gen 5 (WearOS)

  • Starts at $295.00
  • Untethered GPS
  • Built-in speakers for call
  • 8 GB of on-board Storage
  • Multiple Battery usage modes

TicWatch Pro 3 GPS (WearOS)

  • Starts at $164.99
  • 45 Days of battery life in essential mode
  • GPS-enabled
  • Retina AMOLED screen and dual display

How do I sync my Smartwatch with the iPad?

If you have successfully set up your smartwatch with your iPad, it is quite straightforward to sync your smartwatch with your iPad. All you need to do is enable Bluetooth on your iPad and wait for it to connect to your smartwatch.

The respective app for your smartwatch present on your iPad will collect all the data acquired by your smartwatch. Thus, the syncing process can take hours if the volume of data is high. But, if you are syncing on a daily basis, it will take a few minutes.

Once the syncing is complete, you will be able to see the details on your smartwatch app on your iPad. 

It is crucial to sync your smartwatch with your iPad on a regular basis so that you don’t lose any data. This is because smartwatches will store your data for a limited amount of time. In general, the data retention period is 30 days for smartwatches. After 30 days, it will start deleting old data to make space for the new one.