Right Airpod is Not Charging

Right Airpod is Not Charging? Here’s How to Fix It!

If your Right Airpod isn’t charging, don’t worry! We’re here to help. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the most common causes of this issue and provide solutions. Keep reading for more information.

How does AirPods Get Charged?

If you want to fix any problem with your AirPods charging, you should have a fundamental knowledge of the battery life and charging mechanism of your AirPods. When you put your AirPods in the case, they are charged. These Airpod bags can store a lot of charge for your AirPods. As a result, you may charge these AirPods on the move. If you don’t intend to use your AirPods for an extended period of time, keep them in their case so they’ll be ready when needed.

You can either use a MagSafe Charging Case or Wireless Charging Case with a Qi-certified charging mat. All you have to do is place your case on the charger with the lid closed and the status light facing up. The status light will show the current charging level for around 8 seconds.

If you own AirPods Pro or AirPods (3rd generation), you can always tap on the case when it is placed on the charging mat to see whether your AirPods Pro is charging or not. A charging status will show an amber light and a fully charged status is indicated by green light.

The status light is on the front of the case of a MagSafe Charging case and a Wireless Charging case. For a wired charging case, the status light is placed inside the charging case and sits between the spaces for your AirPods.

The AirPods are charged fully within around 5 hours. In fact, you can get 3 hours of listening time with your AirPods charged for 15 minutes only, courtesy of the powerful 93 milliwatts of power battery.

The two contact point on the charging case that connects with the charging mat allows the transfer of power. So, if these points are damaged, one or both of the AirPods may not charge properly.

Right Airpod Charging Issue Solutions

Now that you know the important aspects and charging mechanism of your AirPods, you can try the following methods to fix the issue when the right AirPod charging fails.

Observe the Status Indicator

When you place your AirPods in the charging case and connect it to the charging mat, there are different colors of light on the LED which can mean various things. If the status indicator LED glows green in color, it means the battery is fully charged.

If you see the status LED indicator blinking in amber or orange color, this means the battery is still charging and you will see a charging icon with the battery level displayed for 8 seconds. So if this icon doesn’t show up immediately when you plug in the charger of your AirPods to the power supply, it means that the battery is not charging at all.

You might have connected your AirPods to the charger for many hours but unless the charging indicator glows, it is a sign that there is some problem with the charging tool or pathway.

Test the Charging Cable

When you face any issue with the charging of your AirPods, the first thing that comes to mind is that the charging cable is defective. Thus, the cable is incapable of delivering enough power to your AirPods which leads to faulty charging of your right AirPod.

It is recommended that you always use a genuine or original charging cable to charge the charging case. You can use one of your iPhone or iPad chargers as long as it is the original one manufactured by Apple itself.

If you are using a third-party or low-quality charging cable, it won’t be good enough to deliver enough power to the charging case. You can test the status of the charging cable by testing it with other Apple devices like your iPhone or iPad. If you have purchased a third-party cable because the original was too costly, make sure it has MFi branding (Made for iPhone) 

To confirm whether it is the charging cable that is causing all the trouble or not, you can try a different charging cable and check the charging status. You can also connect the charging case to your MacBook. If the charging is still not indicated by the status light, you have issues with the case, not the cable.

Check the Contact Points

As mentioned above, there are two contact points on the charging case of the AirPods which facilitate charging to each of the AirPods. So, if the right AirPods are not working, this simply means that the contact point is loose or the AirPod is not seated properly in the slot. Further, do not change the respective positions of the AirPods in the charging case.

Also, make sure that the cap or the lid of the charging case is closed properly and carefully. This will further ensure that the AirPods are sitting nice and cozy in their right spots so that the contacts are made well with the charging points.

You should also clean the contact points from time to time with a microfibre cloth and take care that no dust or debris is present which can obstruct the charging of your AirPods.

Clean All the Ports

As silly as it may sound, dirty ports in the charging case may also obstruct the charging of your AirPods. So, you should keep them clean all the time to maintain the good health of your AirPods. You can use a clean microfiber cloth to clean the ports and contact points every day to keep away the dust and whatnot.

You can also use a small toothbrush, a toothpick, or a cloth to clean the ports. Here is a guide on how to clean the ports and contact points –

  1. Gently rub the toothbrush (with a soft bristle) on the external charging ports to remove dust.
  2. If you see some debris stuck there, you can use the toothpick to bring it out.
  3. Now, it is time to clean the internal charging points inside the charging case.
  4. You can use the soft microfiber cloth with a genuine cleansing agent to clean the charging case’s insides and connectors.
  5. After cleaning them properly, charing the right AirPod for 15 minutes and see if the charging status LED lights up or not.

Reset your AirPods

This is the final trick in this guide and the ultimate one at that. It is quite possible that resetting your AirPods can solve the issue of the right AirPod not charging. If this doesn’t work you will need to contact Apple customer care or try to replace your AirPods.

To Reset your AirPods, you can follow the steps given below –

  1. First, place both the AirPods in the case at their respective position and close the lid properly.
  2. Wait for 30 seconds and then open the lid of the charging case
  3. Now go to your connected iOS device (iPhone or iPad) and open the settings.
  4. Go to Bluetooth and then tap on the “More Info or i” option displayed next to the name of your AirPods
  5. Next, tap on “Forget this device” followed by another tap to confirm your decision.
  6. Now that you have removed your AirPods from the listing of paired devices on your iPhone or iPad, move to the charging case again.
  7. At the back of the charging case, there is a “Setup” button provided. Press and hold the button for 15 seconds.
  8. You can release the hold when you see the status light flashing amber and then white.
  9. Your AirPods are now Reset.
  10. You can plug the charging case into the power supply and check if the charging issue is solved or not.

If the LED status light flashes only white and not amber, the reset has not been completed. You can solve this problem too so that reset completes successfully.

  1. Pair your AirPods back to your iOS device
  2. Go to settings >> General >> Reset
  3. Next, select the “Reset Network Settings” option and complete the remaining prompts to complete the process
  4. Now, forget the AirPods following the steps mentioned above
  5. Repeat the reset process provided above.

Contact Apple and Replace the Batteries of your AirPods

If your right AirPod is still not charging after trying all the tricks mentioned above but the left AirPod is charging just fine, the final guess would be a defective battery. Since the left AirPod is charging well, the charging case and the charging cable is working perfectly.

The battery might be dead or faulty on the right AirPod and so you need to call Apple Support to get the batteries changed. If the warranty period on your AirPods is still valid, you can get the batteries replaced for free. Otherwise, you will have to pay roughly $50 to replace the battery on one AirPod.

You can also approach a repair expert (if you know someone) to take a look into it. There might be some minor issue that can be solved without spending $50 on new batteries or more on a new pair of AirPods.6