How to Manage Two Separate Fitbit Accounts on One Phone

Process: How to Manage Two Separate Fitbit Accounts on One Phone?

Can you have two Fitbit accounts on one phone? The answer is yes, but it can be a bit of a pain to manage. In order to keep your fitness data and stats separate, you’ll need to follow these steps.

Is it possible to have more than one Fitbit on the same account? How do I accomplish this?

It is indeed possible to register more than one Fitbit to one Fitbit account. While you can use only one Fitbit app on one phone, you can add and manage multiple Fitbit devices on it. To know how to do it, you can follow the steps given below –

  1. First, make sure you have downloaded and installed the Fitbit app on your phone from the respective app marketplace viz. iOS App Store (for iPhones) and Google Play Store ( for Android phones)
  2. If you have already downloaded the app, make sure it is updated.
  3. Now, open the app and choose the option “Join Fitbit”
  4. It will prompt your to log in with your current Fitbit credentials (username and password)
  5. Once logged in, find the “Set up a New Fitbit Device” option under the Account Tab in the Fitbit mobile app or Fitbit Connect and tap on it
  6. Now, follow the instructions on the screen to complete the setup process for the second device
  7. The application is capable of switching between your Fitbit devices depending on the usage of the devices.

Note – Not all Fitbit devices are ready for this “one app two devices” setup. Fitbit devices that use the Fitbit Gallery (like Fitbit Charge 3, Charge 4, Versa Series, Sense, Luxe, and Ionic) cannot be connected side by side on one account. You can connect only one device at a time in this case.

How will my dashboard and notifications appear for the two devices?

Fitbit app provides one dashboard for one account to provide you with the most useful information. The dashboard displays a comprehensive view of your activity synced with your Fitbit device. So, if you are going to use multiple Fitbit devices on a single phone and with a single app, the dashboard will provide you with a single combined data and post the totals.

For example, if your office Fitbit smart band or smartwatch tracked 5000 steps and your home Fitbit activity tracker tracked 6000 steps, the total amount of 11,000 will be displayed on the dashboard

The user will appreciate this holistic and complete approach which will allow him or her to draw out the bigger picture without switching between tabs for two different dashboards.

In the case of notifications, it may occur on one or both devices depending on the OS of the device. If you have paired your Fitbit devices to an iPhone, you will receive notifications on all of your paired Fitbit devices (subject to the range of the Fitbit device from your iPhone). But, if you own an Android smartphone or an older Windows 10 phone, the notifications will be sent to only one of the devices (which you can decide) provided that the Fitbit device is within the range of the phone.

You should bear in mind that though you are using two devices with one app ( and phone), both devices are meant for a single user. Two people cannot use the same account when multiple devices are connected. If there are two people on the two devices, there must be two different accounts or two different apps (on two different phones), or else, it can get really complicated and the tracking will be highly erroneous.

How can I register two Fitbits belonging to different individuals to the same account?

As per the website of Fitbit, only one person can use a single account. Basically, when you create a Fitbit account, you will have to provide your sensitive personal information such as height, weight, and different other qualitative info which allows the app to calculate other data accurately. So, your Fitbit account is your personal data bank.

For example, to measure your distance traveled, the height factor comes into play. So, unique accounts allow the user to access the correct scenarios or trends of daily activities on their Fitbit app dashboard. So, allowing two people to register on the same app is pointless and rather absurd.

If you lend your Fitbit device to a different user or person, a new account for him or her must be created. So, it is quite clear that you cannot register two or more Fitbit devices belonging to different users to the same account.

How can I remove a Fitbit device from my account?

To remove a Fitbit device from your Fitbit app account, you can follow the following steps –

  1. Launch the Fitbit app on your phone
  2. Next, go to the “Today” tab
  3. Locate your profile picture or your Avatar and tap on it
  4. From the provided images of multiple devices, choose the device that you want to remove
  5. At last, tap on Remove (the trash icon or other icon depending on your device) to remove your device from the app or the account.

How can I remove a Fitbit device from my account if I have two Fitbits?

The process of removing a Fitbit device from your account remains the same regardless of how many Fitbit devices you have connected to the app or account. Here are steps to remove any one of the multiple Fitbit devices registered on a single account –

  1. Open the Fitbit app on your smartphone
  2. At the bottom of the screen, tap on the “Today” option
  3. Next, tap on your account avatar or profile picture located at the top left of the screen
  4. Now, choose the Fitbit device you wish to remove from the list of connected devices you see
  5. Next, tap on “Remove” to remove the device from the account.

Can I have two Fitbit accounts on one iPad?

I will say “Yes” to quench your thirst for the answer but this is just the tip of the iceberg of this hectic process. While managing two separate Fitbit accounts on one iPad through one app is quite possible, it can be really annoying to keep track of your activities.  

To sync the trackers to their respective accounts, you will have to log out of one account and log in with another regularly. For instance, if your wife has a Fitbit account with Fitbit Flex, she won’t be able to sync the data from her Fitbit device to the iPad if you are logged into your Fitbit account and vice versa.

If I remove a Fitbit device from my account will I lose my data?

You can remove a Fitbit device from your Fitbit account without worrying about losing any data or information. Removing a device from a Fitbit app or account has nothing to do with the data stored far away on cloud servers hosted by Fitbit. Rather, it means, you are simply unpairing a Fitbit device that was paired to the app. The data that it has provided till that point in time will remain intact in the data servers.

Further, to delete data, there is a different method compared to removing a Fitbit device from a Fitbit app or account. If you happen to delete your Fitbit account, then only you will lose all of your stored data along with your activity history. Additionally, you won’t be able to log in to the app without creating a fresh new account.

Two Fitbit accounts on one computer

Fitbit Connect is the software for computers that allows you to sync your Fitbit device to your computer. Yes, it is possible to have two Fitbit accounts on one computer but only one can be used at a time and there is no easy way to switch between the two accounts.

To log in to the second Fitbit account, you will have to log out of the first which can be really annoying. But, without being actively logged in, you cannot access the dashboard or sync data in the background with the software on your computer.

If you want to use both accounts in such a way that they sync simultaneously with your Computer, you can use a Fitbit dongle for the same. They came free with the older Fitbit devices or you can purchase them for $7 for one. Using the Fitbit dongle, you can sync all the Fitbit devices present in proximity without switching between accounts. You will have to enable the “Fitbit Connect Classic Mode” present under the “Advanced setting” option.

You can friend your two accounts together and you can see some of the basic info like weekly step goals from both accounts.

Can you have 2 Fitbits on the same email?

Okay, let’s get this simple and straight. It is only possible to own one Fitbit account with one email address. Further, you can have only one Fitbit of a particular model in an account. And at last, one account is for one user regardless of how many Fitbit devices are added to it.

The email address is unique and this uniqueness is shared with the Fitbit account. So, the identity of an account is violated if it were possible to use two Fitbit accounts with the same Email ID. So, it is not possible as it is not logical.

Can you have 1 Fitbit on the 2 emails?

One Fitbit can be keyed to one email only. Further, one Fitbit can be paired with one phone only. So, it is not possible to have One Fitbit device on two emails and two phones. If different emails could access a single Fitbit device, your private and sensitive information will always be on the verge of getting leaked.

Moreover, the whole concept of user identification and account has to do with keeping the identity and the information that comes with it, discreet. And, allowing two emails to use one Fitbit goes against that. So, you cannot have 1 Fitbit on 2 email addresses.