How to get New Apple Watch Faces?

With Apple Watches, you have access to tons of decorative and functional watch faces, a signature feature of the Apple Watch. It is pretty simple to choose one of the many watch faces, make some personalized changes and use it. You can add a new one as well. Here is how you can do it.

Steps for adding a new watch face to your Apple Watch (Using your iPhone)

  • Open the Watch app on your iPhone. You will see all the installed faces near the top of the screen.
  • Tap on the face gallery, which is situated at the bottom center of the Watch app display
  • Scroll UP, DOWN, LEFT, and RIGHT to activate Apple’s Creative Bounty
  • Tap on the new face you want to add. You can tweak the features and settings if you want.
  • Once you are satisfied with your choice, tap on “Add.” The new face will appear on your Watch shortly.

Steps for installing and adding a new watch face on your Apple Watch (Using the Apple Watch)

  • Touch on the current screen for a longer period to enter the “Customize” mode on your Apple Watch
  • Now, keep swiping left until you come across a “New” button. Tap on it
  • Now, you can swipe up or down or turn the crown on the side to run to the available new watch faces
  • Tap on the watch face that you like, it will get added to your Apple Watch. 
  • You are now set to use the new Apple Watch face.
  • You can customize it in the same way as indicated in the steps above (using your iPhone)

How to add custom watch faces to the Apple watch?

Adding new watch faces to your Apple Watch is pretty straightforward. You can even make minor tweaks to the customizable features. But what if you get to design a custom face all by yourself from scratch for your Apple Watch? Yes, it is possible with the “Facer app.”

The Facer app is a novel platform to create watch faces. Alongside, it also offers branded watch faces from the Apple watch face gallery. With these new faces, you can further add weather info, calendar events, concise sensor data, and much more other elements to your watch faces.

There is a “create your watch face” feature to build watch faces with a simple drag-and-drop feature. These custom-made faces can be published for other users to use with a single click.

Currently, there are 30k plus designers and 200k plus watch faces available on Facer.

Here is how you install and use Facer for your Apple Watch – 

  • Download the latest version of the Facer app from the App Store. It is only compatible with watchOS 7 and above
  • Once installed, launch it on your iPhone and select your Apple watch from the list of available smartwatches on the app.
  • You can now browse through the Facer catalog and look for the face you want.
  • Once found, select it and tap on the blue Sync tab to send the watch face to your Apple Watch. Once the syncing is over, it should be visible on your Apple Watch.

 For creators, you need to download an app version of the Facer on your Mac or Windows computer. You can also use the web version to register yourself as a creator and start making custom watch faces. You can follow the instructions on the website for comprehensive details.

How to show steps on an Apple watch face?

To see the steps directly on your Apple watch face for a quick assessment and that extra thrust of motivation, you need to have an Apple Watch ComplicationComplications are beyond-the-basic customizable options that allow you to display information from other apps to selected watch faces on your Apple Watch. 

 The Activity app complication on your Apple Watch doesn’t show you the step count recorded by the Apple Watch. It only shows the activity rings that show your movement, calorie, and standing goals.

What you need is a third-party app like Pedometer++ to do this. Other apps are available too, but Pedometer++ is free and easy to navigate. It also provides several ways to see your step counts on your Apple Watch.

What are the Best Apple Watch Faces that show steps on the main face?

Apple Watch has tons of great decorable watch faces, but almost none of them show the step counts directly on the main watch face. Unlike other smartwatch companies, Apple doesn’t allow third-party Watch faces on the WatchOS. 

But, Apple does offer something called Complications, which allows third-party apps to show their data on the Apple Watch faces. Apps like Pedometer++ and Duffy are pretty famous for this purpose.

What is Pedometer++? 

Pedometer++ is a rare app that simply allows you to add the Steps counting complications to the watch face of your choice on your Apple Watch. The app is available for iPhone and the Apple Watch. So, you can install it on the device of your preference. Once installed, you can follow these steps to show the step counts on the Main face of your Apple Watch.

Steps (If you installed Pedometer++ on your iPhone)

  • Go to the Apple App store on your iPhone and search for Pedometer++. You can also click here to download the app.
  • Once the app is installed, open the Watch app on your iPhone.
  • Go to the “My Watch Section” on the Watch app and select your favorite Watch face where you want to add the step counts complication.
  • Once the watch face is opened, look for the Complication section and select the area or region on the watch face where you want to add the steps count complication.
  • Pedometer++ provides difficulties in various sizes, so you get plenty of choices for placing the complication on your Watch face.
  • Once you have selected the arena, go to the Pedometer section and select the “Steps Ony” option. You can change it according to your choice to include more information.
  • Once you are done with the personalization, tap on “Set as Current Watch Face,” and you are done.

Steps (If you installed Pedometer++ on your Apple Watch)

  • Press the Home button to get access to all the apps on the front screen of your Apple Watch.
  • Find the App Store app and tap on it. Search for the Pedometer++ app.
  • Once you find it, install the app on your Apple Watch.
  • After the download and installation are complete, press the home button to get back to your original watch face.
  • Tap and hold for a while on the main face display to enter the “customize” mode on your Apple Watch.
  • Tap on the Edit option.
  • You can now swipe left or right to get the different complication options.
  • The region for the complication to be placed can vary depending on the watch’s face.
  • In the next step, tap on the desired area and pick the steps option from the list of options available.
  • Again, press the Home Button to save all of your applied settings automatically.
  • You now have an explicit step count on your main watch face.

What are Apple watch complications? 

Complications on Apple Watches are the little pieces of information that appear from third-party apps on the watch face. Different Watch faces different versions of WatchOS, and watch models support different complications.

Since Apple has prohibited third-party watch faces on the Apple Watch, these complications are used to display information that can be imported directly to your watch screen on your Apple Watch.

Which third-party app is the best for showing steps on the Apple watch face? 

There aren’t many third-party apps that help you show steps on the Apple Watch face. Among the handful of apps that can do so, Pedometer++ is the best because it offers various kinds of complications; steps are one of them. It is relatively easy to install and configure as well.

Can I use Pedometer++ to show Steps on All the Apple Watch faces?

Pedometer++ is a stable app for showing steps complications, and it works with most Apple Watch faces. However, if a watch face doesn’t have a designated space for the difficulties, you cannot use Pedometer++ to display any information about steps.

Some of the famous Apple Watch faces like Numerals Duo and Artist do not offer predefined regions or spaces to display complications. So, you won’t be able to use the Pedometer++ app to display or show the Steps on all Apple watch faces.

Viewing your daily steps on your Apple watch face, how do I see the step count on my Apple watch? 

Though you cannot see your daily step counts directly on your Apple smartwatch, you can check step counts by the following method – 

  • Unlock your Apple Watch and press the home button to see all the apps
  • Find the Activity app and tap on it to open
  • Scroll down using the digital crown, and you will see the step counts in the Total Steps section.

Can I show steps on my Apple watch face without third-party apps? 

Not right now, but maybe in the future very soon. Users have been complaining about this feature for a while now, and Apple takes user feedback quite seriously. Currently, no watch faces in the library show steps on the Apple watch face without third-party apps like Duffy or Pedometer++.

How do I customize my Apple Watch face?

If you are bored with your current Apple Watch face and want to make some tweaks and customizations for a more funky and personalized look, Here is how to do it.

  • Unlock your Apple Watch and press and hold the display for a while
  • Keep holding it until it zooms out and you see the Edit option. 
  • Tap on the edit button, and you can now customize your Apple Watch face
  • You can use complications that are supported for the particular Watch faces as they vary from one watch face to another

How to show steps on the Apple watch face series 7?

So, you own an Apple Watch Series 7 and want to show the steps on the Apple Watch face. First, make sure your current watch face supports customization via complications. If yes, you can download the Pedometer++ app from the App Store and use it as a small tweak in the edit or customize mode on your Apple Watch 7.

Using the Watch App on your iPhone, you can also configure your Apple Watch face with the Pedometer++ complications. Refer to the steps mentioned above in this article for detailed instructions.