reset your Armitron watch

Step-by-step guide on how to reset your Armitron watch

Since Armitron manufactures both digital and analog watches, the methods of resetting these watches are different. So, we will have to see the ways of resetting these watches subsequently.

Steps on How to Reset Armitron Watch (Digital)

1. Setting up the Armitron Watch

To start the resetting process, you will need to locate the Reset button on your Armitron Digital watch first. The reset button is typically placed at the top left side of the watch. Once you locate it, press the button and hold it for a while. You will soon hear a beep sound from the watch.

In some Armitron Digital Watches, the reset button is marked as SET.

2. Resetting your Armitron Digital Watch

Once you hear the beep sound from your Armitron Digital watch, you will see some digits flashing on the watch screen. Next, using the St/Stp button on the watch, adjust the time as per your timezone.

Next, press the mode button to change from time to date adjustment. Now, adjust the date accurately. This way you have set the correct time and date on your watch.

3. Finish Resetting

After you are satisfied with the adjustment, press the Mode button once again to finish resetting your digital Armitron watch.

Steps on How to Reset Armitron Watch (Manual)

1. Resetting the Time

A dial is provided either on the right or left side of an analog or manual Armitron watch. You need to locate this dial. Now, using your find pull the dial and you will hear a click sound.

If your Analog Armitron watch has a date display, there will be two levels of pull when you pull out the dial. On the first level of pull, you will get to adjust the time.

Once you hear the first click, rotate the dial either clockwise or counterclockwise (depending on the model of the watch) to adjust the time.

The hands of the analog watch will start moving. Once they are positioned correctly as per your time zone, push the button to set it to that particular time.

2. Resetting the Date

To reset the date on your Armitron Analog or Manual watch, you will need to locate the dial on the side of the watch and pull it out to hear a double-click sound.

Now, rotate the dial and the calendar on your Armitron Analog watch will start changing. Adjust it to the correct date and push the dial back in to set it to that value. This is how you can reset the date on your Armitron Manual watch.

3. Resetting the Time Format

There is no extra feature available on Armitron Analog watch to reset the time format. But, you do need to know that the date advances to the following day from 11:00 PM to 5:00 AM. So, it is advisable not be reset the time and date between that time window.

4. Finishing Resetting the Armitron Watch

Once the time and date have been set to their correct values, push the dial back in and your Armitron analog watch is now reset.

How Do You Reset The Time On An Armitron Watch?

Here are the steps to reset the time on your Armitron Watch:

  1. To reset the time on your Armitron Digital watch, you need to find the Mode Button on your watch which is usually placed at the bottom left side of the Armitron digital watch.
  2. Once you find it, you can push the button to change between hours, minutes, and seconds.
  3. You will see numbers flashing on the watch screen when you push the Mode button which means they can be changed. For example, if the hour part is flashing, you can change the hour value on the watch.
  4. You can change the flashing number using the St/Stp button which is placed on the tip right side of the watch.
  5. Once the time is set right, press the mode button to get out of the adjustment mode.

How do I reset the date on my Armitron watch?

You can reset the Date on your Armitron watch by following the steps below –

  1. Press the Mode button on your Armitron watch until the date section is highlighted
  2. Once the date section is shining, use the St/Stp button to adjust between day, month, and year.
  3. Once the adjustment is final, keep pressing the mode button to get out of the reset mode.

How do I change my Armitron Watch to 12-hour time from the 24- hour clock?

If your Armitron Watch has a default 24-hour time format, you can change it to a 12-hour time format quite easily. You can follow the steps mentioned below to get it done in a jiffy-

  1. Find the Mode button and keep pressing it until the time format on the screen starts flashing.
  2. Use the St/Stp button to change the time format to a 12-hour mode.
  3. Also, make sure the AM/PM setting is correct.
  4. Change the time as per your timezone and you are done.

How do I set the time on my Armitron 4 Button watch?

The four buttons on your Armitron Watch are generally labeled as Mode, Reset, El, and St/Stp buttons. Resetting or setting the time on this 4-button Armitron watch is quite similar to other Armitron digital watches with minor differences.

To adjust the time, press the Mode button until you can see a screen with time. Next, press and hold the Reset button until the hours’ digit on the time starts flashing. Now, you can use the StStp button to change it. Once you are done, press the mode button to move to the minute’s section and adjust it.

Thus, the mode button freezes the information on your watch that you want to adjust, and the Reset button allows you to navigate between different parts of that information like hours, minutes, seconds, days, months, years, and time format. And finally, the St/Stp button allows you to change them as per your need.

After everything is adjusted, simply press and hold the Reset button again to return to the normal watch screen.