Best Tracking Device for Children

Best Tracking Device for Children [2022 reviewed]

As a parent, you want to ensure that your child is healthy and safe. One way to do this is to track their activity and whereabouts using a Fitbit tracker. In this blog post, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to track your child with Fitbit and suggest some compatible smartwatches. Let’s get started!

Urban lifestyle has become chaotic and fast over the years. Amidst this chaos and hurriedness, parents are often concerned about their child’s well-being at work, school, or some other designated place. This is where GPS trackers and bracelets can be helpful.

Working parents can make sure their children are safe at home with their babysitter or school by using these GPS trackers. They will be informed about the whereabouts of their children all the time. This simply decreases the risk and worries of the parents and thus allows them to work with peace of mind.

Can I track my child with Fitbit?

Yes, you can track your child with a Fitbit tracker. You will need to create a family account and add your child as a member to do so. 

Having access to the child’s “whereabouts” information may be a helpful tool in ensuring the safety and well-being of your kid. It can provide you with peace of mind.

Can a Fitbit help you find out where your kid is? 

No, but yes.

You can’t get real-time location access to your kid’s position using a Fitbit, but if they want or you force them (parents be damned!) to turn on the GPS tracker and then sync it with their device, you can monitor their movements for the day.

What you need to track your child with Fitbit:

  • A family account
  • The child’s name and age
  • A compatible smartwatch (optional)

Now that we know how to track our child with a Fitbit let’s look at some compatible smartwatches. If you don’t have a Fitbit tracker yet, we suggest you purchase one of these smartwatches compatible with the Fitbit app.

Each of these watches has different features and price points, so be sure to research before purchasing.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

List of GPS tracking bracelets for children.

VEGO AirTag Bracelet

So here’s the deal with Vego AirTag Bracelets; they hold air tags perfectly and can be used for kids and even for elderly peeps. Although because of its size, its usage for a toddler or kids under the age of five, in general, can be a bit difficult as it would not fit them perfectly and may keep sliding down. By the looks of it, it is not the most flashy and expensive-looking bracelet out there but a relatively modest one.


  • The soft silicone material used in the bracelets makes it eco-friendly and can be very easy and comfortable to wear on your child.
  • Very easy to go installation and removal of the AirTag. 
  • Using metal rivets to buckle from inside out releases you of the burden to care about the bracelet falling off your child’s wrist.
  • Multiple color bands are a feast for children.
  • Protective film to avoid scratches and increase the “new look” life.
Ecofriendly.Simple looking
Easy to use.Not suitable for kids under 5 years of age.
Can be useful for elderly people as well.

Garmin vívofit Jr 3 ( Kids Fitness/Activity Tracker)

Garmin Vivofit Jr is an activity tracker designed for kids mainly in 4-9 years. A parent-controlled mobile app supports them at no extra cost. Rewards and a mobile adventure trail are some other attractive features for kids. The controlling device can be an android or an apple device.

Features: Garmin vívofit Jr 3

  • Your child can unlock new levels of adventures and enjoy the incredible moments of the Infinity Saga along with their favorite Marvel Avengers or Disney princess character. You will be your child’s best companion
  • Customized fitness goals like Captain America’s fitness challenges to keep your child active and fit with activities like jumping jacks, mountain climbers, and much more.
  • With the friendly Garmin Jr app, kids can track their steps and distance covered during their Fun time plays like soccer or running in the park.
  • In Case of Emergency (ICE) widget is provided to put the child’s emergency contact so that it can be accessed quickly when needed.
  • Parents can monitor sleep and manage (and assign chores) to their little ones along with a reward system.
  • You can link your Garmin Connect app with the Garmin Jr app and complete collective goals with your child. It will motivate them to stay active and fit.
  • With the fun Toe-to-Toe app, your kid can connect with their nearby friends and compete in timed step challenges. The Parents can get involved as well.

Specifications for Garmin Vivofit Jr

  • Battery Life: 1-year battery life without any charging.
  • Display size: 0.39 x 0.39 inches
  • Editions: Marvel, Disney Princess, and Garmin Standard
  • Waterproof: (5 ATM water resistance).
  • Display resolution: 64 x 64 pixels
Reward feature being attractive for children to do their chores.Expensive.
Replaceable bands.Cases of blob appearing on screen, after a few months of usage, have been found.

Silicone Push Bubble Sensory Fidget Bracelet

The Fidget push bubble is made of a high-quality silicone wristband toy with a smooth surface, which describes the fidget push bubble. It’s very soft and comfortable, anti-fingerprint and scratch-resistant. It’s aimed to bring a cozy touch to the wrist of the child. It comes with easy installation and disassembling.


  • It comes with a unique design with pressure-reducing fingertips which can be fun for the kids to pop out.
  • It comes with many holes, which allow for very comfortable wear for almost all sizes.
  • It also prevents the AirTag from scratches and damage while the child can have a happy time pressing the bubbles with their fingertips.
  • It’s extremely easy to use and can be used for other products one wants to track.
  • One can use it for their little ones, older adults, and even their pets.

Specifications for Fidget Push Bubble

  • Compatible with – AirTags
  • Form Factor – Bracelet
  • Material – Silicone

Cosmo JrTrack 2 Kids Smartwatch

The JrTrack 2 smartwatches feature enhanced 3-point verification GPS tracking, new software, and interface. Colors such as Orange, Blue, Black, Pink, and Purple are now there to light up your child’s wrist. Suitable for children aged 5-12 years is the perfect first device for kids to grow up in a digital world.


  • SIM card operating on COSMO’s Family-Safe nationwide network for reliable coverage anywhere comes pre-installed.
  • Enhanced GPS functionality comes with customizable geofencing safe zones with automatic alerts when your child enters or leaves a particular designated area.
  • The JrTrack 2 pedometer counts steps.
  • Popular parent safety features such as custom safe zones, SOS mode, a trusted contact list, and auto-blocking of strangers’ calls are available.
  • The JrTrack 2 is fully COPPA-compliant with the highest data security.
  • Parents can manage their child’s contact list to text and call when needed using the COSMO Mission Control app.
  • JrTrack 2 is entirely COPPA compliant.

Specifications for Cosmo Jr Track 2

  • Colour: Orange
  • Compatible Devices: Smartphone
  • Age Range: Kid
  • Style: Modern 
Enhanced GPS trackerOnly operates on a pre-installed COSMO SIM card.
Pre-installed SIM CARD with flexible data plans 

How to choose the best GPS tracker for kids?

Choosing the finest GPS tracker for your child may be a tedious process, so we’ve attempted to provide some bullet points to think about before you go on your shopping trip.

  • GPS devices offer many features, such as one- and two-way calling and the ability to set up geofenced zones, which will alert you when your child has left a particular area.
  • A GPS tracker should display a person’s location accurately, with updates when they are on the move. Generally, trackers work better in open areas.
  • How easy or difficult it is for kids to wear the watch and its durability in their “rough” conditions.
  • The tracker should be easy to use for the parents but not so easy that the kid “tasks” in it that hamper the device or prohibit it from performing its true purpose.
  • The price is one of the most, if not the most, important aspects of buying any electronic piece. How much would the tracker cost every month to the user while planning a purchase?
  • The device’s security protocols should be kept in mind, and care should be taken to eliminate any default passwords in the machine.

Best Kids Tracker Watch – How to Choose

When looking for the best kids tracker watch, it is essential that you find one that not only looks great and functions well but also offers features that will keep your child safe. With so many trackers on the market, how do you know which one is right for your family?

Here are a few things to consider when shopping.

  1. Features: Different trackers are available for different people, and you should prioritize what features best suit you.
  2. Ease of Use: It is essential to purchase a tracker that can be used easily and with clear instructions on tracking the location.
  3. Budget: Be sure to find a GPS tracker that will fit your budget, and consider the monthly subscription fee.

Keeping these things in mind will help you find a kids tracker watch that suits your family’s needs.

Here is the list of best kids tracker watches to choose from:

Xplora X5

The Xplora X5 is a smartwatch that’ll offer you safety with cellular connectivity onboard, which allows kids to call people from their parent’s approved contact list. Real-time location is an excellent feature of this watch.

  • There are two aspects to the setup process in X5. One is to pair it up with your phone via Bluetooth with the help of the Xplora companion app, and it works equally well with Android and Apple devices.
  • Secondly, a nano-SIM card from network Giffgaff is provided to set up the cellular features, which is slipped into the SIM card compartment on the watch.
  • This SIM card part must be done first before pairing the watch up with the phone.
  • Setting up the watch profile and the profile for the little user and adding a name, nickname, a picture is quite quickly done within the watch.
  • There is a clear pointer towards the privacy policy if one is worried about data collection. The other profile that needs to be created is a Campaign one tied to the GoPlay platform.
  • Easy to use the app, set up safety features, and let the adults set up the approved contacts are also a boon for the user.

Specifications for Xplora X5

  • Dimensions: 15mm thick and weighing in at about 50 gms.
  • Strap: silicone strap (removable).
Good color and brightness.The strap has a habit of picking up dust in the long run.
Easy for children to get around and select things.Little lag in swiping through screens

Lil Tracker 2G Kids’ GPS Tracker Watch

The Lil Tracker is a full-featured GPS watch for kids. You have to provide your own SIM card, but that enables GPS tracking, two-way voice calls & texts, and even one-way calls in which you can only listen to what’s going on at the child’s location.

Features: Lil Tracker 2G Kids’ GPS Tracker Watch

  • The watch is light, with a comfortable silicone band and a metal buckle with a 1.2-inch color touch screen. It’s rugged and splash-proof.
  • There’s also a completely waterproof version for just a little extra cost.
  • The Lil Tracker is designed to last 12 hours, but one may have to recharge it every night.
  • The two- and one-way calling feature is appalling for parents.
  • One may call the watch from the app on your smartphone for two-way calls, and the look will accept calls only from selected numbers. Your little ones can call those approved contacts too.
  • Calls between the watch and the app are quick to connect and easy to make. The sound quality is not the best but can be worked with.
  • One-way calls are called Sound Guardian in the app’s menu.
  • Parents can use the app to contact the watch, and they can hear what’s going on around it, but the watch doesn’t ring or make any sound. The sound may be affected by some random noise.

Specifications for Lil Tracker 2G GPS Tracker Watch

  • Monthly service cost: Bring your own SIM card, around $10/month depending on the carrier
  • Weight: 1.5 ounces
  • Battery life: 12 hours
  • Call/text support: Yes
  • App support: iOS/Android
  • Network: GSM/GPRS quad-band
Two-way calling.The app is cluttered and hard to use
One way listening in.Needs to be recharged nightly.
Low price and bring-your-own-SIM plan add flexibility

Apple Watch SE

Parents of older kids want a device that keeps everyone connected, hence the Apple Watch SE. Apple’s Family Setup feature lets you manage an Apple Watch for another person, your child.

Features of Apple Watch SE 

  • The Apple Watch SE features an aluminum case with silver, gold, and space gray finishes in 40 and 44-mm sizes.
  • The SE version has an accelerometer, gyroscope, and always-on altimeter. One gets fall detection, noise monitoring, international emergency calling, and emergency SOS in this watch.
  • The Emergency SOS feature will particularly appeal to those who wish to use the Apple Watch SE as a potential tracking device.
  • Buying the LTE version will give you access to location tracking ability in the apple watches. With the family setup enabled, you’ll be able to find the location of someone wearing the LTE-connected Apple Watch SE.
  • Features such as setting fitness goals, sending money, and limiting hours during school are also used.
  • A battery life of 18 hours is not always going to be enough, and one will have to charge the Apple Watch SE every night.
  • Other features, including activity tracking, a dedicated Fitness app, and a hand-washing guide, have also attained much appreciation.

Specifications for Apple Watch SE

  • Monthly service cost: Varies by the wireless carrier
  • Weight: 30.5 grams (1.1 ounces) to 36.3 grams (1.3 ounces)
  • Battery life: 18 hours
  • Call/text support: Yes
  • App support: iOS
  • Network: LTE, UTMS, Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz), Bluetooth 5.0
Smartwatch is more fully-featuredCostly, compared to other kids’ smartwatches.
Tracking via Apple’s Family SetupMediocre battery life.
Emergency SOS calling

Non-removable child tracking device

ZOXOWA Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Anti-Lost Anti-Theft Alarm Device Tracker:


● The tracker can chain your easy-lost & valuable belongings together and work with your smartphone to prevent loss. The tracker is also remote control of your smartphone camera for self-portrait

● The tracker is a kind of Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy product that works through the app.

● In addition, the tracker can also provide a last-seen pin-drop on the map to help you recover your items and search your cars on parking sites

● Compact size and lightweight design, and low energy consumption. It supports Bluetooth 4.0, and the effective range is 25m. 

Odestro Bluetooth 4.0 Anti-Lost Anti-Theft Alarm Device Tracker:


  • Suitable size: the size of the item locator is about 2 x 1.2 inches, which is easy to carry and easy to operate; With the lobster buckle key-chain, you can attach the key finder to your bag, key, wallet, and other things
  • What the package includes: you will get one piece of anti-lost device which will alert you when you are outside, so you don’t need to worry about losing things
  • Connecting and using: you should press the button of the smart tracker for a few seconds, and it will turn on after you hear two beeps; Then you should connect the device and double-click the tracker button; The phone will alarm
  • This smart locator can help you find misplaced keys, wallets, or other valuable things in a few seconds.

Can I use the Fitbit Ace to track my Child?

Because the Fitbit Ace doesn’t come with any GPS tracker, you can’t track your Child’s location using this tracker.

Using the family account option, parents can easily track their Child’s activities though. Activities such as steps, calories, sleep trends, and other metrics can be tracked by using this tracker.

The move goal of 60 minutes is more than that for adult users, 30 minutes. The company has recently set the move goal to 60 minutes in line with the daily physical activity recommendation by World Health Organization.

Is there a tracking device for Kids?

Well yes…There are some excellent tracking devices out there that you can use to track your kids. These devices are powered by quality GPS sensors so that they can track your Child with the best accuracy possible.

Some of these tracking devices are listed here:

Jiobit Next

  • Long battery life, learning technology, and small size set jiobit next apart. Its small size facilitates the whole process for your Lil ones.
  • Although it can go quickly for one week without charging, it’s better to set it if your kid plans to use it more often, but still, you won’t have to charge it daily.
  • Jiobit can securely attach itself with a built-in loop, waistband clip, secure loop, strap clip, or an outer sleeve attachment.
  • Jiobit Next is powered by AI, which allows it to learn and memorize the routine, routes, and regular locations of your Child. Thus, it can easily recognize if your child is at an unusual place. 
Risk-free trial availablevoice communication is missing
Long battery life 
Secure and durable attachments available


  • This GPS tracker was created to help protect children with disabilities, working fine for any kiddo.
  • It has a comfortable design, and it locks tight onto school bags or clothes to stay with them all the time.
  • The tracker’s listen-In function allows parents to listen to their Child’s daylong activities, ensuring their safety.
  • The two-way voice feature in AngelCall allows you to talk to your child at any time without clicking on anything to chat. Diary logs that input data every 30 seconds will enable you to check your Child’s activities. 
Two-way calling and listen-in function.High monthly fees.
Transit alerts, including speed and ETA. 
Location updates every 10 seconds.


  • GeoZilla is one of the cheapest trackers out there, which offers worldwide GPS coverage with its SOS feature facilitating the process for your kids to get in touch if they get separated.
  • Battery life lasts for about five days (120 hours) and can pinpoint the tracker within 15 feet.
  • To make the battery last longer, the update frequency can be adjusted. GeoZilla’s app includes many features that make tracking and communication smoother. Location history, place alerts, schedule alerts, and even to-do lists are other features.
Worldwide coverage.Not waterproof.
5-day battery. 
Compatible with iOS, Android, and Apple Watch.

Tick talk 4

  • The TickTalk 4 is a GPS tracker that acts like a kid’s smartwatch.
  • The tracker does not include games, but music can be streamed on iHeartRadio.
  • This feature can help attract kids to carry on with this tracker. It can also be seen as a fitness tracker because of a built-in pedometer.
  • Along with regular GPS tracking, you can also set geofencing (GPS boundaries) so that if your child crosses a boundary, you as a parent will be notified with an alert.
Step tracker and geofencing.Not compatible with all cellular networks.
Messaging and Video calling. 
No distraction-causing games and apps.

Lynq Smart Compass

  • The Lynq smart watch’s simple screen shows the Child’s location relative to your own, and it also updates in real time.
  • The Lynq tracker offers direction, which will facilitate you in finding your child if they get lost, and this feature proves to be a significant edge over other similar devices.
  • Lynq’s geofences aren’t limited to specific GPS coordinates, but they light up and vibrate when one of the paired devices gets too far away.
No monthly subscription and works everywhere.Expensive
3-day long battery life.Limited Range of about 3 miles.
Geofencing.No SOS button.

So, multiple devices are available in the market in various forms factors that can track your Child. You can use Apple’s AirTag with a quality bracelet holder or use a completely different GPS-enabled tracker or watch to keep the whereabouts of your child in check. These devices can be handy and sometimes even prevent serious accidents.