What do I do when my Fitbit screen Goes Black Or Off Too Quickly

What do I do when my Fitbit screen Goes Black Or Off Too Quickly?

What do I do when my Fitbit screen Goes Black Or Off Too Quickly?

Fitbit smartwatch screen going back or turning off too quickly is one of the most common complaints you will find on the web. But, you need not worry about it as it is not a serious issue or even a problem at all. Most of the time, the reason is some change in the settings that has caused this problem. 

In Fitbit smartwatches, the screen-on time is set at the minimum duration to save power. Since high-quality displays tend to drain the battery faster, the screen-on time is kept small to avoid battery drainage issues. 

You can simply increase the screen time manually and your Fitbit watch screen will be lit on for a longer duration of time.

Why Fitbit Watch Screen Goes Black Too Quickly?

The watch screen of your Fitbit smartwatch will be lit on for a small duration of time only. This is because of the default screen timer setting on almost all the smartwatches with high-end AMOLED or LED displays. You can always light it up or turn it on by tapping or moving your wrist.

The reason for this minimum timeout screen setting is to preserve battery drainage and increase the battery life of the smartwatch. But, if you feel the screen-on time is too low, you can always change the setting manually.

How To Keep The Fitbit Watch Screen On Longer?

If you wish to increase the Fitbit Watch Screen-on time, you can follow the steps mentioned –

  • Turn on your Fitbit watch and Swipe left to navigate to the “Settings” menu
  • Here, find the “screen timeout” option.
  • You will see that the default time duration is set to 10 seconds or so which is the minimum value.
  • You can choose any other option between the minimum and maximum time duration. The maximum time duration is 60 seconds on most Fitbit smartwatches.
  • Once you have chosen the timeout duration of your preference, go back to the home screen. Now wake up your Fitbit to check the change of settings.

Does Your Fitbit Watch Screen Shut Off Too Fast?

The problem is Fitbit Watch screen shutting off too fast is similar to the issue discussed above. It is not a problem but a useful feature that allows you to save battery and use your smartwatch for a longer duration on a single charge.

But, if the screen timeout period is too less for you, you can change it by following the step mentioned above. You can choose any time duration between 10 secs and 60 secs.

But, if you are in power-saving mode, I would recommend you not to change the screen timeout setting. This is especially crucial if you are trekking or exploring outdoors as you will need longer battery life on your Fitbit smartwatch.

Why Is My Fitbit Stuck On One Screen?

At times, your Fitbit smartwatch might get stuck to one screen. This screen could be the Fitbit Logo screen or the charging interface. Most of the time, this is not a serious problem and you can resolve it by restarting your Fitbit device.

Fitbit smartwatches getting frozen on one screen can be due to minor glitches in the OS which interrupt the reboot. So, you can reboot your Fitbit once more and allow it to take time to restart.

For most of the smartwatches from Fitbit, you will need to press and hold the side button or buttons for at least 10 seconds. The watch screen will go black and after a few seconds, the Fitbit logo will appear. When you see the logo, let go of the buttons and restart will complete.

How To Restart Your Fitbit?

Though most of the Fitbit devices allow a general method to restart them, there are a few other smartwatches from Fitbit that follow different ways to reboot.

Before restarting, make sure you have connected your Fitbit activity tracker to its charger. Next, you will find a button either at the end of the charging cable or on your Fitbit device. Further, you will need to press this button to complete the charging connection.

Fitbit smartwatch model: Process to restart

Fitbit Luxe and Charge 5

  • Press the button 3 times taking a one-second pause between each press.
  • Wait until the screen goes black and the logo appears.

Fitbit Charge 2 & 3

  • For Charge 2, press and hold the button for 4 seconds
  • For Charge 3 and 4, press and hold the button for 8 seconds
  • After you release the button, you will see a smiley face with a vibration on your device

For Ace and Inspire Series

● Press and hold the button for 5 seconds and you see a smiley face appear. Also, you will feel a vibrating sensation.

How Do You Solve Problems With Your Fitbit Screen?

If restarting your Fitbit device doesn’t solve your problem of a frozen screen, there is another way you can go about solving the issue.

  1. First, you need to discharge your Fitbit Tracker completely. When the battery level goes to zero, your Fitbit will shut down.
  2. Now, put your Fitbit device on charge and let it charge to 100 percent of the battery level
  3. Now, start your Fitbit device.
  4. This should solve your problem

Fitbit Watches Screen Black But Still Vibrates

If your Fitbit Watch Screen has gone black but is still vibrating, here are the instructions to fix the issue –

  1. Connect your Fitbit to charging first.
  2. Now, press and hold the button as you would do in a restarting process
  3. Your Fitbit device will switch off and the battery icon will be seen on the screen
  4. You will also feel short and a medium-lived vibration
  5. Next, a progress bar will appear and you will feel vibrations exactly 7 times.
  6. Finally, the progress bar will get completed and the Fitbit device will shut down.
  7. Finally, start your Fitbit device and it should be working fine now.

How Do I Replace My Fitbit Screen?

Before you think and try replacing the screen on your Fitbit smartwatch all by yourself or from a third-party service provider, check the warranty status of your device. If the warranty period is still valid, you can simply contact Fitbit customer care and they will fix it for you.

But, if you are out of any warranty, then you can either fix it yourself or ask a professional to do it for you.

  1. You will need some professional tools if you are planning to replace the screen all by yourself.
  2. Using the tool, you will have to disassemble the display from the watch body. You need to do it with the utmost care, without damaging any other part of the tracker
  3. Next, open up the display using a screwdriver and get it out.
  4. Fit the new screen in place of the old one and use industrial adhesive to fix the position of the display.
  5. If you don’t damage any other part and everything goes as planned, your tracker will light up when you start it.

It is highly recommended that you visit a professional service provider if you want to get the screen replaced for your Fitbit smartwatch. You can get it fixed at a nominal cost without the risk of damaging the watch itself.